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MBA Programs use the GMAT score as an indication of how capable an applicant is to conduct a top MBA in a successful way. While the GMAT score is only one component of the entire application process it is an important one. 

The good news is, with the proper help and expertise, you can improve your score fast and significantly. Why do we claim this? Because we have seen this over and over gain with our clients. 



You are YOUNIQUE in what you find easy and what you find challenging. Through our proven work methods we can quickly analyze which area(s) you can work on to improve your overall score. 

Based on your needs and ambition a personalized program will be made to help you achieve your goals. 


I am an experienced GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and EA educator with 13 years of standardized test prep expertise. Whether you’re just starting out in your studies, or need to break through a score that has plateaued, I can help. I absolutely love what I do and would love to help you achieve the score you need to gain a spot at your dream school.

My background includes creating test prep content for ed tech companies, teaching at the university level, and practicing law. I achieved 99th percentile scores on my first try and hold a JD/MBA from Columbia.

My goal is to make learning more efficient for you, as well as fun. 

•  Offer flexible hours (weekdays, weeknights and weekends) to meet the needs of busy professionals located in various parts of the world


Even within one hour of interview preparation coaching, I felt I obtained so much value already! The tips and tricks really make a lot of sense.
Dimitrios Tsountos
I loved how the MBA-Goals team went out of their way to help me. We didn’t only work on "the how" to achieve my goals, but also on "the why".
Mohit Naik
The MBA-Goals team gave me extremely insightful advice, that nobody had ever given me before, and I spoke to A LOT of people prior!
Sophia Tamakloe

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