Full Package Service

Who is it for?

If you are determined to get an MBA and are willing to entrust all preparation to those who actually did it, then these packages are for you.

This option includes hands-on support for all the stages of an application:

What to expect?

MBA-Goals leaves no room for improvisation. We have designed our own unique process that will guide you through to put your best and most authentic self in front of the admission committee. This process is based on our own experiences doing MBA in the top business schools around the world.


Stage 1: Candidate assessment 

This is a key step that will help us create a basic understanding of your profile based on your inputs, including your GMAT score, CV and list of target schools. We take a holistic look on your achievements to date to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. This would serve as a base for further development of your application. Expect to hear our strategic recommendations to address any perceived weaker aspects, such as GMAT, extracurricular activities, remedial courses, etc.

Stage 2: School selection strategy

At this stage, we deep dive into details of your candidacy. We try to understand your motivation to get an MBA and your thought process regarding target school selection. Based on your GMAT score, professional experience, progression and fit of candidacy with target schools, we analyze your chances of success in the admission process school by school and provide clear feedback about your school selection.

Stage 3: Brainstorming

This is a key step to engage in a free-wheeling chat about your candidacy and discover your personal and professional story – understand who you are and what makes you tick, what is special about your profile, what makes you YOU. We identify possible angles to explore and highlight the positives while being honest and forthright about any perceived weaknesses. Finally, we define a timeline towards finalizing the application package and set up follow-up meetings regularly to edit and revise essays.

Stage 4: Essays and application preparation


We know from experience how intimidating essay writing can be. But we are here to help. With unlimited editing of your essays, we aim to present the best version of yourself in front of the admissions committee. Expect us to revise, refine and edit the essay over several iterations until all the i’s are dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. 

Recommendation letters

This part of application is frequently overlooked. The admissions committee evaluates your application by comparing it with independent feedback from your recommenders. We know from experience that wise selection of recommenders and their feedback can provide an additional insight into your candidacy as a person and a professional. 


How to make a strong CV without overlapping it with essays? How to demonstrate impact of your past professional and personal achievements? Having built international careers in leading multinational companies, we apply our own experience to help you stand out.

Online application

We will review the whole online application before you can finally click Send button. Let’s aim for perfection at this stage. 

Stage 5: Click that Send button already!

Stage 6: Interview prep

Having interviewed MBA applicants ourselves, MBA-Goals knows what a successful candidate looks like. Remember that no one knows you better than you do yourself. Confidence is key and this confidence stems from thorough preparation. The trick is to relax and to do your best without appearing over-rehearsed.

We will prepare you for all possible questions through rounds of mock interviews until you are confident that you are ready.

Our recommendations: We recommend using our Full Package Services once you have completed with your GMAT(or GRE in some instances). Knowing your score will help us understand your chances of success of getting into your target schools. Also, we believe that getting GMAT out of your way will help you focus on the most important part of the application process, the essays.