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We are a team of MBA graduates from INSEAD, Stanford, Harvard, and HEC, Paris business schools. Having lived through our own MBA experiences and subsequently having coached MBA applicants, we have accumulated invaluable experience and insight into how to stand out in the application process, how to find the best fit with a business school, and how to write winning essays. Coupled with our personal MBA experiences, our services are based on real-life learnings in the field rather than just theory.

We speak from experience – building global careers in leading multinational corporations, launching our own businesses, developing a global network of MBA graduates from major business schools across the globe. And now, we want to help you look beyond simply getting a diploma by focusing on your long term vision of your personal and professional self.  


Nienke Budde

Amol Rotithor

Alex Varova

It was always my dream to do an MBA from a top school. As a consultant I always searched for a steep learning curve. The actual experience exceeded my expectations. Academically I was blown away.

The biggest surprise to me though was the amount of true friends I made during and after the MBA experience. I still talk to my classmates on a daily basis.

Working with MBA-graduates from all the top schools at the Samsung Global Strategy Department, I obtained an in-depth understanding of the different schools. Pursuing an MBA really upgraded my life, are you ready for your upgrade?

Getting an MBA was hands-down the single best decision of my professional life. It not only opened doors to amazing professional opportunities that would have otherwise remained inaccessible to me, but also allowed me to experience incredible personal growth.

And now I want to help you to do the same. Together we will extract the best and a unique version of yourself and create a roadmap for you to follow so we can put you in the position of having multiple admits to choose from. Because I know you can do it!

I was working in Samsung in South Korea when I got accepted at INSEAD MBA. I wanted to challenge myself in the global arena, learn from the top academia and take time to decide what I really wanted to do.

Upon graduation, I got accepted at the challenging Leadership Development Program in Nissan Motor with assignments in Japan, Switzerland, and France. But most importantly, INSEAD gave me confidence that I can take any career path I choose. Thanks to its powerful network worldwide, INSEAD has my back wherever I go.

At MBA-Goals, I want to motivate and inspire you in your quest to realize your full potential.